Winter Favourites Playlist

Winter Faves Playlist 2015
As the weather gets colder I always seem to find myself listening to much more music,so I thought I’d show you some of the songs I’ve been loving this winter;

❥❥❥Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me
Youtube  Spotify
❥❥❥Ruth B – Superficial Love
❥❥❥Ariana Grande – Right There
Youtube Spotify
❥❥❥Megan Nicole – Fever
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❥❥❥Demi Lovato – Really Don’t Care
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❥❥❥Paramore – That’s What You Get
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❥❥❥Tiffany Alvord – Fall Together
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❥❥❥Full Playlist

That’s it for today, why not say you’re favourite winter songs in the comments, or if you’re a traditional christmas playlist sort of person,

Thanks for reading,
Chellerta  x x

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November Favourites


November has been a month of unnecessarily large shopping trips (and the birthday of yours truly) , therefore a November favourites seemed like the best idea to justify all of the pretty things currently piled under my desk. So without further ado here it is;

♥♡♥Ciate Big Beauty Bus Gift Set (£4)♥♡♥
This gorgeous gift set includes 5ml versions of 6 of Ciates most loved shades;
●Pool Party
○Snow Virgin
●Ferris Wheel
○Pom Pom8
It’s great value for money as each pot can do quite a few manicures as they have such strong pigmentation. At the moment my favourite colour is snow virgin for a classy understated manicure


♡♥♡Snow Fairy Shower Gel (£3.95/100g)♡♥★
I have always loved the sweet bubblegum/candyfloss scent of lush’s snow fairy, and recently they changed the formula sonthat it lasts longer which could never be a bad thing. This is actually the first snow fairy shower gel I’ve had this year ( it definitely wont be the last) and it’s as good as ever.


♥♡♥Impulse Free Spirit Mini Gift Set (£4) ♥♡♥
I was given this gift set by a friend for my birthday, and I’ve been lovig the fact that these mini body sprays are perfect to slip into the corner of yor bag. There is also a similar gift set for £6 from boots that comes in a cute tin.


♡♥♡Majority Verb Mini Speaker (£11.95) ♡♥♡
I have been singing the praises of this mini speaker for nearly 3 months now, but it really came into it’s own in November. Having had so many chances to use it last month I started to appreciate how much of a life saver it can be tucked in your handbag as well as the high quality professional sound you get for such great value.


♥♡♥GHOST Eau De Toilette 30ml Gift Set (£22.50)♥♡♥
I’ve never tried a GHOST fragrance before, but I was given this gift set incuding the perfume and body lotion of their Eclipse fragrance and I am in love with it. The fragrance is really delicate and fruity with musky aftertones. It also isn’t too overpowering which is something I love about it. On a non fragrance related note the body lotion is also super moisturising and I have started religously applying it to the backs of my hands and legs every day.


That’s it for today (there was going to be the lush sparkly pumpkin bubble bar in this post too, but the lush website went offline in the middle of me making this post so yeah),
Thanks for reading,
Chellerta x x

Winter Yoga

Winter gives us many things to look forward to but (for me at least)  it leaves me wondering how im going to stay fit while it’s (hopefully) snowy outside. Therefore one of my favourite things to do in the winter is to amp up my yoga routine. Admittedly yoga alone won’t keep you fit, in conjunction with cardio it can be great for your physical, as well as mental, health.
So todays post will basically be my guide to Winter yoga for beginners or people who’ve tried it before (I started doing yoga regularly around 2 years ago), I’ll be focusing on two areas today; yoga mats and poses

Yoga Mats

      ♡ Definitely the most important piece of kit is a yoga mat. Yoga mats stop spine from being compressed and provides a cushion between the ground and your back
      ♥ If you’re new to yoga and want to try it out before buying a mat try to avoid any poses that involve putting a lot of weight onto your back/spine
      ♡ This was the very first mat I bought and it has never failed me, I also have very sensitive skin, but I can’t remember ever having a reaction with the foam of this mat
      ♥ From what I’ve seen unless you’re going to try a really expensive/professional option there isn’t much difference between most mats, but if you really want to compare two mats try seeing if you can find out the chemicals used in the foam of the mat
      ♡ Often sensitive areas of skin such as necks or scalps can be exposed to the foam on the mat so it’s a good idea to get one with natural-made foam


Sun salutation
     ¤ Sun salutation is how I usually start my yoga as it’s great for building up strength and flexibility and it also helps to tackle stress. My sun slautaion is very similar to this one which I found in this article from yoganonymous;


     ¤ Susan Verdes I am yoga was originally designed for children, but it can be a great way for beginners to learn basic poses, here you can see some of the poses from the book , you can buy it from here and this is the way Verde presented the downward dog pose;


     ¤ There are  a lot of yoga apps on the market, but my favourite free one is yoga daily  (here) it has great community and video features. It also includes programs designed to slowly increase your flexibility and general aptitude,

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed and are are excited for christmas as I am,
Thanks for reading,
Chellerta x x

Christmas Party Outfit Inspo

With halloween over as of last night it’s now time to start thinking of Christmas wardrobes, or specifically the annual predicament,  what to wear to christmas parties, so todays post is going to be showing you guys an example of a cute yet classy christmas party outfit that won’t break the bank;


This dress is super cute and easily dressed up or down with it’s lace panel, and it also has a festive twist with it’s burgundy colour

This satin clutch with an asymmetric twist is the perfect size to carry all of your essentials without sacrificin your fashion sense

♥ When you think of a part outfit undoubtedly heels will come to mind, but these flats will save your ankles and your sanity through a lon night

That’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed the post and are loving my new side blog,
Thanjs for reading,
Chellerta x x
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Black Beauty

Recently I did a post on my favourite pastel products, so I thought I would stick to the colour scheme theme and do my favourite pick in form the colour that never goes out of style;


1- These gloves are perfect for the winter and their super cute with their gem flower detail

2- This cute bag is really proffesional with a geometric twist and perfect to store all of your stuff in with it’s 10l capacity

3- This cute find might have been better in my bold lips post, but I’m showing it to you guys now

4- This cute gem detail jumper is perfect for keepinh you warm in the recently descending winter months

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed the post and I’ll be posting much more soon,
Thanks for reading,
Chellerta x x

Black Block Heels

Block heels have exploded recently, and they are fast becoming as important as if not more important than stiletto pumps in many wardrobes, so here is my top picks for a classic black block heel;


1- These are definitely the most expensive on the list at £40, but their durable stain resistant fabric and solid heel definitely makes them worth it

2- These are a must have for any bargain hunter at £8.10 and thy are perfect for Autumn/Winter with their cosy fleece lining

3- If you’re looking for a statement then these cut out ankle boots are perfect for you at £20

4- These chelsea boots from Boo Hoo make the perfect day to night shoes with their chunky soles and unique cut-out sides

That’s it for today, hope you have a great day and enjoy LFW,
Thanks for reading,
Chellerta x x

Bold Lips

It seems that recently nude lips are getting more and more popular, but I never fell out of love with a bold lip and a neutral eye and so I thought it would be a good idea to show you guys my favourite statement lip colours from red to a mint type green thing (I think);


1-This matte royal lip colour in deep blue from mac will certainly make an impression

2-Lime crime certainly has a reputation for its shocking colours and this statement lipstick in “Mint to be” is no exception

3-A statement colour that many people tend to try is a dark berry, and this is great place to start in “Dark Cherry” from Barry M

4-I recently did a post about my love for pastels so it should be no surprise that a colour like this one from Gerard cosmetics would turn up on my list, but I have several recommendations for it’s staying power, so it has more than one thing going for it

5-Orange lips are huge right now and there are numerous post on how to find the right orange for your skintone, but as far as I can tell this is a hugely versatile colour that can work for most skintones

6- Even if orange and mint are to adventurous for you we can all switch up our look with a statement scarlett lip, like this bourjois velvet edition rouge lipstick

That’s it for today, I hope you are as excited for LFW as me, and that you have a great day,
Thanks for reading,
Chellerta x x

School Bags

Now, I’ve already done back to school outfits cute and classy (casual is currently in the works) but if you live in the UK, or many other countries, then that will have no meaning to you until your college/sixth form/uni days due to school uniforms, but a fashion struggle most can relate to is bags, and wether you’re looking for something any fashionista would die for, or a rucksack to keep you going when you have 7 textbooks, 3 exercise books, 6 folders, an art piece and a pack of questionably dated gum, I’ve got you covered;


1-This bag definitely fits into the “able to carry a tonne” spec and even better it is ergonomically designed specifically for women so after five days of school your back (unlike your brain) won’t be aching

2-This mint green tote from new look probably comes out on top fashion wise although I would only recommend it for days where you have a light workload

3-I have been led to believe by several friends that this is like a normal bag scaled down by half, so as with number two it doesn’t score storage wise, but said friends also spoke highly of it’s stain resistance and durability, so again it depends how much you have to carry

4-This preppy sailor striped rucksack is a great compromise between fashion and comfort with it’s cute design large storage capacity and various pockets

That is it for today, hope you enjoyed, stay fashionable and follow for more,
Thanks for reading,
Chellerta x x

Pastel Perfection


I make no secret of my love for pastels. They make a cute outfit throughout the year and that’s why I thought it would be a great idea to show you guys my great patel picks to brighten up your outfit during the Autumn/Winter months, so without further ado here we go;


1-This three pack of scunci scrunchies are kinder to hair than bobbles and in cute pastel colors for £3.49 from Boots there is no reason to ever have dented hair again

2-Next up this pack of pastel bracelets from claires is great for stacking and brightening up dull outfits

3-These mint elasticated pumps from new look are perfect for travelling as they can easily be folded away for convenient packing

4-This cute dress from misguided is perfect for a special occasion nd unlike most occasion dresses it won’t break the bank at only £15

That’s it for today, please tell me if you’d want me to do another post like this with a different color scheme. Stay fashionable and I hope you enjoy your weekend and London Fashion Week,
Thanks for reading,
Chellerta x x
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